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Travel vaccinations Posted on 6 Dec 2019


Unfortunately, with increasing pressure on GP and Nurse appointments, it is becoming more and more difficult to accommodate all of the demands in Primary Care.

The annual number of consultations in Primary Care in the UK has increased from 300 million to 370 million in the last 6 years, but there has not been a corresponding increase in staff to meet this demand. In fact, the proportion of NHS funds spent on Primary Care has fallen from 10% in 2010 to a little under 8% in 2015- about £1.5 billion per year.

Our practice nurses are spending more and more time dealing with travel requests and this is eating into the time that they need to carry out many other important tasks. At least 50 appointments per week are spent dealing with travel forms and more on giving vaccinations- at least 10-12 hours nursing time per week. In addition one of our nurses and one of our health care assistants have been off- one for several weeks which obviously adds to the pressure of appointments.

It is clear that our first role as Doctors and Nurses is to care for those that are unwell. We will not be able to provide travel vaccines for anyone who is travelling in less than 8 weeks no matter what the reason.

This is unfortunate, but patients who decide to travel within this time would need to be fitted in as extras into already fully booked surgeries and we do not think that it is fair for healthy patients to be fitted in as extras for travel purposes while unwell patients struggle to get an appointment. If you are travelling in less than 8 weeks then you will be given a list of travel clinics who will carry out your travel vaccines although they will charge a fee for this.

This includes time to find out what vaccinations you may need to travel - not just the time it takes to administer the vaccines.  Please contact reception, who are able to give you a print out of what vaccinations you have had since 2006.


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